Dehydrated vegetables & fruits

Dehydrated vegetables and fruits are easily and economically storable for a long time, preserving vitamins, color, aroma and taste, without additives.
Produce : Conventional and organic.
Quality : First grade, very well cleaned and selected.
Size : Cut according to customer specifications.
Onion Sliced/Kibbeled/Chopped/Minced/Granulated/Powder        
Garlic Minced/Granulated/Powder        
Leek (green/white,green,white) 10x10/6x6/Minced/Powder        
Parsley Crushed/Fine cut/Powder        
Dill Tips/Powder        
Beet Root Cubes/Granules/Powder        
Carrot Cubes/Granules/Powder        
Celery Leaves Crushed/Fine cut/Powder        
Celery Root Cubes/Granules/Powder        
Green Coriander Leaves (Cilantro) Crushed/Fine cut/Powder        
Spinach Flakes/Crushed/Fine cut/Powder        
Molokhia Crushed/Powder        
Tomato Cubes/Flakes/Powder        
Potato Cubes/Flakes/Granules/Powder        
Bell Pepper 10x10/Granules/Powder        
Cabbage Flakes        
Green Bean Flakes/Powder        


Dates Pitted/Unpitted/Paste        
Lemon Peel Flakes/Minced/ Tea bag cut‏ /Powder        
Lemon Whole Yellow/Black        
Orange Peel Flakes/Minced/ Tea bag cut‏ /Powder        
Strawberry Sliced/Flakes/Granules/Powder        
Guava Cubes/Flakes/Powder        
Pomegranate Peel/Seeds        
Raisin Yellow/Brown        


Items not listed may be avaiable on request. As for very specific orders, we also have the capability to cultivate. We will be glad to provide you with further information.